¡Vamos a Aprender Español!

Because somewhere, deep in my mind, the idea has become so insistent that it can no longer be ignored.

Learn another language.

The science supports it. Some Swedish scientists deduced that learning another language actually increases the size of the brain, resulting in a plethora of advantages. These include, but are not limited to boosting memory, staving off dementia, and increased attention. All of these far outweigh the only possible disadvantage: losing twenty precious minutes per day to active learning.

Learn another language.

The desire to travel encourages it. Not only does Spanish seem like a good choice (It is the second/third [depending who you trust] most spoken native language in the world, and is the official language of twenty countries), but understanding a language allows you to create better connections with the cultures around you, both the ones associated with the language you wish to learn and those not associated with it. Through the learning of Spanish, perhaps I can gain exclusive understanding into different Spanish cultures, both South American and European, before stepping foot on either continent. It can also literally make you see things differently! According to this study, people are more likely to see similarity between colours if the same word(s) associate(s) them together. By learning a different language, you may develop a new appreciation for colour.

Learn another language.

The soul’s impulse to become more valuable yearns for it. I’d even go as far to say that learning another language actually creates a more empathetic human towards different (and opposing) cultures. Language is culture. How do other languages have infinitely more vast vocabularies than English, while simultaneously lacking other terms? How do I, as a single-language-knower begin to understand the beauty behind civilizations other than my own without first examining the language? It is through our own language that we understand our neighbour. It is through the language of others that we begin to understand man.

The perfect opportunity has arrived. Eighty days to exhibit fluency, or at least something close to it. I appreciate a challenge and I believe this will be one. I intend to come out on the other side a better human.

¡Deséame suerte!

12 thoughts on “¡Vamos a Aprender Español!

  1. So nicely stated! I too have always felt the desire to learn another language, but have never given myself the time to accomplish this goal as I’ve always found “more important things” to work on. I am truly elated to be able to focus on this personal goal – and I love your perspective of expanding your lens and your empathetic capacities.

    I know absolutely nothing about speaking Spanish, but maybe all of us ‘language learners’ will have to create some kind of ‘communication hub’ where we can share our learning/ practice our skills with one another (I’m thinking some kind of virtual cafe that we can spend time practicing using our new languages!)

  2. All the best to you through your process of learning a new language! I’m sure it will be a very rewarding experience for you. I know as a classroom teacher where a large percentage of my students speak more than one language, I am so impressed by their drive and dedication to master learning English. May you experience the same excitement learning Spanish!

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